The Tribelands

The Tribelands are a wild and untamed land east of The Bonelands and The Black Swamp, along the southern coast of Lesnon. You can find all manner of creature here that you would find in most other lands. However this land does seem to have more dinosaurs than normal.

This untamed land is home to a loosely organized group of barbarian tribes. The tribes refer to themselves as “The People”. They are run by a council of nine. One member of the council from each tribe. However there are currently ten tribes.

Ancient tradition states that there can never be the possibility of a tie. With ten tribes there would be. As such the tribe that has offended, or caused the most trouble for The People are not permitted a seat at the table. This can change each year. However to avoid any issues the White Harts have given up their votes.

The People used to be run by the council of thirteen. The three tribes that are no longer around as they have been absorbed by the other tribes. These three tribes lost a great number of their people in war. War with each other and war with the monsters and other tribes that run in this land. Two of the three tribes went to war with each other and destroyed themselves.

The remaining ten tribes are:

Ghost Dogs
Shattered Horns
Skull Breakers
Blood Eagles
Black Trees
Two Wolves
Howling Moons
White Harts
Star Hunters

The three tribes that are no more are:

Torn Shields
Wyrm Teeth
Pale Ones

None speak of these tribes anymore and the former members are no longer allowed to clam allegiance to them. Any children from members of these tribes have the word Stone added to their name, and they are given a tattoo to honor their ancestors. These tattoos are applied in a ritual when naming the child and are proportionate for the length of their lives.

Each tribe has smaller sects underneath them. Each sect has a leader or chief. Each tribe has a High Chief. The High Chief is the one that will speak at the gatherings of the tribes.

The Tribelands

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