The Society of the Budding Leaf

This loose association is of sapients are all linked by their devotion to the smoking of Esra, and enjoy its mind-altering properties. Generally, society disfavors the smoking of esra, as it appears to induce laziness and reduced cognitive function. This perception is based upon common knowledge that people who openly smoke esra tend to be unemployed and panhandle. However, the drug seems to have pain-killing properties that are increasingly desired by the elderly.

The Society has no official hierarchy, but outspoken members often develop followers (known as buds)who seek to share the benefits of smoking esra.

The only requirement to join the Society of the Budding Leaf is to be addicted to Esra

  • All buds have a +1 bonus to Bluff and Sense Motive checks to pass and receive secret messages and a +2 bonus to the Gather information aspect of Diplomacy.
  • Easy access to Esra, even if outlawed. Make a DC 15 Diplomacy (gather Information) to find a trustworthy source.

The Society of the Budding Leaf

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