God of Thieves and Tricksters


Tevic is the Minor God of thieves, tricksters and liars. He was the greatest thief that Omo had ever seen. Tevic would travel the land steal whatever he could from nobles and the well off. Some say that he even stole a kiss from Morgadrin herself. He did not always steal items from people, but he always stole something.

“Everyone has something to steal. Some, more than others.”

Clergy and Temples

Tevic’s clergy do not have a uniform or any real way to find one, as they are generally not well liked. They can identify each other through various forms of communication and coded messages.

Trevic’s clerics can be just about anyone. Usually anyone that can talk their way out of any situation. They also tend to have rather nimble fingers.

Tevic does not have any temples. Most often there are small shrines in the hidden rooms of Thieves guilds and in the back room of a den of ill repute.


Chaotic Neutral

Tevic’s Favored weapon is the dagger

Tevic’s domains (and allowed subdomains): Trickery (Deception and Thievery), Luck (Fate), Travel (Exploration), and Liberation (Freedom).


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