Overdover is a village in Hasickrickrockrollingthrough. It is the closest Gnomish village to the Domain of Sharoothil, and as such sees a lot of illicit trade. There are some refugees, some smuggling, and some willingly indentured servants shipped through Overdover every day, and no one wants to be noticed.

Neutral Village
Corruption -1 Crime 0 Economy 0 Law -4 Lore -1 Society 3
Qualities: Notorious, Strategic Location
Danger +10

Town Council
Population 150 (80 Gnomes, 50 Humans, 20 Other)

Notable NPCs
Funkbon Woink(Gnomish Expert 3)
Lucas Braid(Human Rogue 3)
Shamil Odelitonia (Gnomish Druid 6)

Buy Limit: 700
Sell Limit: 3750


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