The Horse Lords are rumored to be born on horses and some learn to ride before they are born. While this is not true (in most cases), they are gifted wen it comes to horse riding and rearing horses. They do indeed raise some of the best horses that you will be able to find. However they do not sell them. They might trade for one if you have something of true value. This is rare. The most common way to get one of their horses is to go through a ritual to prove yourself a friend of the Horse Lords and to become a member of the tribe. Hose Lords are named after a recent event or something important to the individual and add the word rider to it. Such as Storm Rider or Plains Rider.

A Horse Lord can be recognized by the simple fact that they are almost always mounted . They can also be identified by the horse hair ropes that they wear across their chests and the horse tails on the top of their headgear.

They are currently led by High Chief Parnet Stormrider

Horse of the Horse Lords: Warhorse with +2 STR +4 CON and +10 feet movement.


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