Farkirin is the capital of Aloki and has been the seat of power for this kingdom for a very long time. Situated on a Ley Line nexus the city attracts all kinds of spellcasters. Unfortunately non-human casters are treated very rudely. Like all cities of Aloki it is illegal to be a monk and it is illegal to operate as an unlicensed adventuring party. This city is home to the remarkable Aloki Magical Academy. Many tourists come to see the hanging gardens of Farkirin, where the trees and plants hang upside down from the bottom of bridges and walkways between towers.

LN Large City
Corruption +4, Crime +0, Economy +4, Law +5, Lore +4, Society +0,

Qualities: Prosperous, Magically Attuned, Racially Intolerent, Tourist Attraction

Ruler- Overlord

Population 17,800 (16,000 humans, 1,800 mixture of the rest)

Notable People
King Tounishi Atheam– DM information. Magus.

Queen Delora– DM information. Seems to be an Aristocrat.

Captain Salchama–Captain of the Guard. Fighter 14
Whisper- Wanted criminal and all around rogue.
Archmage Barrown— Headmaster of the Aloki magic academy. Wizard 17

Buy Limit: 13,600

Sell Limit: 85,000

Minor Items-4d4 Medium Items-3d6 Major Items-2d4
Available spells to purchase 9th Level


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