Alyan Kingdom

The Alyan Kingdom is located on the northwestern edge of Lesnon. It spans several hundred square miles, and has a generally productive and lawful citizenry. Queen Agatha Alya is a decent, fair, and upstanding Regent; her son Gilgamesh Alya will be old enough to be crowned king in a scant two years.

The Norwest Forest runs along the kingdoms eastern and southern borders, and minor trade is done with the elves and gnomes there. Interactions with the elves are strained due to the Alyan Kingdom conquering the former elven nation of Solesil two hundred years ago, and cutting down a large swath of the Norwest Forest to make more land for agriculture.

  • Climate Cold, with warm rains which mitigate the cold and allow agriculture to prosper.
  • Brigandry Very little within the country- but international trade routes are often pirated.
  • Currency Alyan Rand.
  • Roads Mostly dirt tracks between towns and dirt streets within them.
  • Government Surprisingly responsive Hereditary Monarchy.
  • Notable Laws “Magically Influencing the Mind of a Noble” – Death by Stoning
  • Military Very Meritocratic Military
  • Law&Order Internal Roads patrolled every week.
  • Misc Alyan Hierarchy
Settlements in Alyan / Population

City of Alya / 6,000
Ashton / 1,800
Enniston / 1,200
Barrick Feild 1,000
Sundry Others / 10,000 more

Alyan Kingdom

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