Alya is the capitol city of the Alyan Kingdom. The Hasick River meets the ocean here. This city contains the Eagle’s Hall, a renowned academy for the training of military leaders.

LG Small City

Corruption +1, Crime +1, Economy +4, Law +2, Lore +2, Society +2,
Qualities: Prosperous, Strategic Location, Academic, Tourist Attraction


Ruler- Autocracy
Population 6,000 (4,000 humans, 800 halflings, 300 dwarves, 200 elves, 300 h-elves, 150 h-orcs, 150 gnomes

Notable People

Queen Agatha Alya– Aristocrat 4
Crown Prince Gilgamesh Alya – Aristocrat 1
Violetta- Human Wizard 13
Chancellor Ardsley Essu


Buy Limit: 6,400
Sell Limit: 37,500
Minor Items-4d4 Medium Items-3d6 Major Items-1d6


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