Located on the northern section of the Eraug, this Kingdom is ran by King Tounishi Atheam and his new Queen. The old queen passed due to mysterious circumstances. The kingdom was once a very nice place to live and work, but is turning in to a violent tyranny. Recently the king has decreed that the monasteries be closed and that monks have been outlawed and are to be hunted down. Additionally it is illegal to operate in the borders of Aloki as an unlicensed adventuring party. The penalty for this is imprisonment and the penalty for being a monk is death.

In recent years the kingdom has gone through several changes. One of these is the death of the last member of the ancient house Couldin. This family has ruled Aloki since the beginning. When the Queen came into power she had to quickly choose a strong King to solidify her position. She chose Tounishi Atheam.

Some time after their wedding, she fell ill and then passed. She was very much loved by her people and as such they honor her with her face on their currency.
The currency in Aloki is the Aloki Alm.

Major Settlements in Aloki / Population

Farkirin / 7,000
Pondi / 1,100
Iko / 1,000
Bapedo / 700
Sundry Others


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