The Bloodlands

A loose region spanning a few hundred square miles in midwestern Lesnon, the Bloodlands is the region controlled the warring Hobgoblin tribes/armies/factions.
While this area was once a true kingdom controlled by the Great Kahn Sudart the Bloody, it has since fallen into destructive and petty infighting amongst its generals.
Slavery is pervasive here, with humans, elves, goblins and even ogres forced to maintain (or be run over by) the war machine.
There are many fortresses with supporting villages huddled against their walls, with farming done by tired and hungry slaves.

The seven largest factions with permanent fortifications are

  • The First Division
  • Hiers of Sudart
  • The Scarlet Lance
  • Kahn’s Legion
  • Grozahk’s Legion

There are dozens of smaller factions, all engaged in a bewildering array of alliances and betrayals with one another. Theoretically, the smallest faction is a lone hobgoblin with a pennant, a sword, and dreams of bloody glory. Those who have been created are listed below.

  • The Bloody Eye – A faction that spies on the Domain of Rishin and occasionally captures slaves to be sold to other clans. Their standard is an eye with a red iris, three blood drops falling from said eye, and two black swords crossed behind it.
  • The Bloody Walkers – A faction that specializes in courier work between the larger factions. Their standard is a foot with three nails inside it.

The Bloodlands

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