Prestige Points

When deeds of true heroism are called for and nothing short of a cinematic performance will do, it is time to draw upon prestige points. What are prestige points? Well in short, they are acquired points that your PC’s can spend for a variety of purposes to gain abilities that affect game play. Some of these effects are temporary in duration, such as Round and Encounter Abilities, while other abilities are Permanent in effect. How do you gain prestige points? Simple. By contributing to the creation of our campaign site. Exactly what this contribution consists in will vary. However the typical way of earning points is to keep an updated character journal.

Once points have been acquired, they may be used in one of three ways. First, they may be used once per combat round to gain a short term benefit lasting the duration of that round. Each Round Ability exhausts 1 or more prestige points. You may use only one of these abilities per round. Points “exhausted” in this way are not permanently lost but refresh at the start of the next game session. If for some reason a combat encounter goes from one session to the next, the old points will be unavailable until after that combat ends. Points earned in between sessions may be used in that encounter.

Second, prestige points may be used once per combat encounter to gain an immediate short term benefit. Each Encounter Ability exhausts prestige points. While you may only exhaust prestige points to gain Encounter Abilities once per encounter, you may also choose to “burn” prestige points to gain additional Encounter Abilities. Each additional Encounter Ability gained in this way burns 1 prestige point. Points “burned” in this way are permanently lost.

Finally, prestige points may be burned either during a game session, or out of session, to gain some permanent benefit. The burn cost of these abilities vary.

Frequency Prestige Point Ability Points Exhausted Points Burned
Round Luck Bonus to d20 Roll 1/3/7 N/A
Round Act Out of Turn 2 N/A
Round Extra 10’ Move 1 N/A
Round Avoid Fumble 1 N/A
Encounter Win Initiative 2 N/A
Encounter Retain Spell X 1
Encounter Anyspell 1+X 1
Encounter Confirm Critical Hit 2 1
Encounter Reroll d20 3 1
Encounter Extra Standard Action 3 1
Permanent Maximum HP at Level Gain N/A 2
Permanent Extra Skill Point N/A 2
Permanent Bonus Feat N/A 6
Permanent Competence Bonus to 1 Skill N/A 2/5/11
Permanent Additional Class Skill N/A 4
Permanent Cheat Death N/A 6
Permanent Ability Increase(4-9) N/A 2
Permanent Ability Increase(10-13) N/A 4
Permanent Ability Increase(14-15) N/A 6
Permanent Ability Increase(16-17) N/A 8
Permanent Ability Increase(18) N/A 10
Explanation of Abilities
Round Abilities

Luck Bonus to d20 Roll
This ability can be declared either before or after the roll. If before, you gain a +2 Luck bonus for exhausting 1 Prestige point, +4 for exhausting three, and a +6 for exhausting seven. If used after the roll, these luck bonuses are halved.
Act out of Turn
This ability allows you to take a standard action immediately. This ability does not move your place in initiative, and you lose the next standard action you would normally take.
Extra 10’ Move
Your character receives an additional 10’ to her base movement speed for this round. This increase in speed is unaffected by armor or encumbrance.
Avoid Fumble
Instead of fumbling, you merely miss. You may use this ability after the fumble confirmation roll.

Encounter Abilities

Win Initiative
You go first. If players are competing to see who goes first, they may outbid each other by exhausting or burning additional prestige points.
Confirm Critical Hit
You automatically confirm your critical hit. This ability may be used after you fail to confirm by rolling.
Retain Spell
You do not forget the spell you just cast. The spell slot (or memorized spell) is not lost after casting. Must be used at the time of casting. The cost is equal to the level of the spell.
You may cast any spell that is on your caster list, whether it is in your spellbook or not, whether it is in your spells known or not. A spell slot of the appropriate level is expended as part of this ability. The cost is equal to one plus the level of the spell.
Reroll d20
After the die is rolled but before success or failure is known, you may reroll the die.
Extra Action
You may take another standard, move, or swift action this round on your initiative.

Permanent Abilities

Maximum HP at Level Gain
You may use this ability after you normally roll for hit points.
Extra Feat
You gain an extra feat that you would normally qualify for. You may only take this bonus three times, and each feat must come from a different category(General, Combat, Achievement, etc.)
Extra Skill Point
You get an extra skill point. You may not put more ranks into any one skill than would normally be allowed. You may purchase this ability as many times as you like.
Competence Bonus to One Skill
By burning two prestige points, you may get a +1 Competence Bonus to one skill. By burning five prestige points, you get a +2 competence bonus. By burning eleven, you get a +3. This benefit may be purchased incrementally. (purchasing the +1, then paying 3pp more to get the +2, etc). This ability may be used on any number of skills.
Additional Class Skill
Pick any one skill. That skill is always a class skill for this character. You may use this on any number of skills.
Ability Increases
Each Base Ability score may be increased by one (and only one) point, but never above 18.
Cheat Death
Instead of dying through damage, a character is at 0 HP, and conscious.
Instead of dying through constitution damage, a Character is at 1 Con, 0hp, and conscious.

Prestige Points

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