Omo is the Major Deity of the Physical World and Nature.

Omo rarely appears physically to mortals, but when it does reveal It’s presence it is as shifting face made from the surrounding elements.


Omo is strongly neutral in its existence and teachings. Respect of the natural world is featured heavily. Those who live within nature shall be rewarded, and those who live outside of it corrupt it and must be punished.

Clergy and Temples

Omo’s clergy favor simple and functional clothing, often being mistaken for druids or huntsmen.
Omo’s priests often bless fields for bountiful harvests and ships for safe passage.
Omo’s Temples are rarely more than small shrines, entwined within trees or in a natural rock wall.


Being a servant of a Major Diety, Omo’s clergy have access to a prestige class, The Servant of Nature

Omo’s Favored Weapon is the quarterstaff.

Omo’s domains (and allowed Subdomains): are Weather(Seasons, Storms), Plant(Growth, Decay), Earth(Caves), Air(Clouds, Wind), and Water(Oceans).


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