Morgadrin is the Minor Goddess of Beauty, Art, Music, and Love. Born on the Continent of Eraug, Morigan was best known for her her works in various art forms as well as her willingness to donate these works to others in their pursuit of Love. Her Portfolio is Art in all of its forms and Love

“There is no place that that Beauty cannot shine, Art cannot inspire, Music cannot move, and Love cannot conquer.”

Clergy and Temples

Morgadrin’s clergy wear the most fashionable clothes in the most complimenting manner, that they can in combinations of purple and white with a silver circlet that has a gem attached to denote ranking in the church.

Morgadrin’s clerics are usually very good looking men and women that are some of the better artists or musicians in the area. They are all in a committed relationship, usually with each other but that is not always the case. The clerics also preside over a lot of weddings.

Morgadrin’s temples are almost always a victim of form over function, however they generally let in a large amount of natural light, have well stocked baths as well as great acoustics.


Neutral Good

Morgadrin’s Favored weapon is the Battle Poi

Morgadrin’s domains (and allowed subdomains): Good (Agathion), Charm (Love), Luck (Fate), Protection (Purity)


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