Leverton is a village in the Domain of Rishinalong the coast, west of Knorst. It hangs tenaciously to a cliffside and has as many ladders as walkways. Although it is a fishing village, shallow water and sharp rocks mean that only small boats can use its docks.

Town Statistic Block
Neutral Good Village
Corruption -1, Crime -2, Economy -1, Law 0, Lore -1 Society 0 Danger 0

Autocratic representation to a Magical Overlord
Population 75 => 45 Humans, 10 Half-Orcs, 20 Halflings

Notable Persons
Elric Fighter 5
Mayor Hargrave Aristocrat 2, Expert 1
Layla Hargrave Witch 1

Buy limit : 500 GP
Sell Limit : 2,500 GP
2d4 Minor, 1d4 Medium


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