The largest settlement in the Domain of Rishin, Knorst benefits from favorable geography and a powerful protector. It sits on the side of a natural bay, a short two miles from a productive iron mine. It has the largest deepwater harbor for hundreds of miles, allowing it to act as a trading post with neighboring kingdoms and resupply point for traders.

Buildings of note include the Grinning Troll.

Town Statistic Block

Chaotic Good Small Town
Corruption 0, Crime +1, Economy +2, Law 0, Lore 0 Society +1 Danger 0
Qualities:Prosperous, Strategic location


Autocratic representation to a Magical Overlord
Population 850 => 600 Humans, 50 Elves, 50 Dwarves, 25 Half-Elves, 100 Half-Orcs, 20 Halflings,
5 Gnomes

Notable Persons

Sage Jeremy Human Expert 3
Mayor Crove Half-Elven Aristocrat 4
Aratuk Half-Orc Barbarian


Buy limit : 1,400 GP
Sell Limit : 7,500 GP
3d4 Minor, 1d6 Medium


Omo NickCusick