Jessie the Free

Jessie the Free is the Minor Diety of sex and lust in all its forms. (Think a modified Aphrodite) He lived in the human kingdom of Wintel roughly five hundred years ago. Jessie Is a controversial Deity due to both her portfolio and his duality between genders. Jessie’s clergy like to say that Jessie is what their worshippers find most desirable- male, female, elf, human, or kobold.

Jessie appears to mortals as an attractive humanoid wearing whatever the viewer finds most sexually attractive.

Enjoy life, love, and sex. Play, explore, discover, and share. Whatever is physically possible, is physically possible. Be unafraid of the body or sexuality of anyone-especially yourself.

Clergy and Temples
Jessie’s clergy are sky-clad during ceremonies.
Jessie’s Clerics are notoriously open minded and forgiving.
Jessie’s temples are rare. Small shrines in bordellos and whorehouses are more common. That being said, Jessie’s temples are wide, open, and comfortably decorated, with many private side rooms.

Chaotic Nuetral

Jessie’s Favored Weapon is the Whip(or Scorpion Whip).

Jessie’s domains (and allowed Subdomains): are Chaos(Protean), Charm(Lust), Liberation, Madness, and Trickery

Jessie the Free

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