Huxzyr is the center of the Wrath of Sudart, a Hobgoblin faction within The Bloodlands. just five hundred people live here, but more than half of those are slaves. Hobgoblins are the ruling race, but give deferential treatment to the small contingent of bugbears that are based here. These two groups mistreat the goblins, and all of those three treat the humans, dwarves and halflings here as little more than slaves and cattle. The slaves till the fields, repair broken buildings, and create such objects their masters deem necessary. The goblins revel in doing what harm they can. The bugbears make sport of intimidating and humiliating the others- and the hobgoblins plan war against both the competing factions and the gnolls to the south.

The gnolls to the south are actually quite useful to the Wrath of Sudart- they provide a reason for the other major factions to leave the wr Wrath alone (no one else wants to fight them} AND are easily bribed with slaves. Selling slaves that are too stubborn to obey their masters or make good sport provides an example to the others.

LE Small Town

Notorious, Racially Intolerant(Non-Goblinoid)
Corruption +3; Crime -1; Economy +0; Law 2; Lore +0; Society -1
Danger +10

Ruler : Overord
Population: 400 (100 Hobgoblins, 160 Humans, 120 Goblins, 10 Bugbears, 10 Dwarves, 20 Halflings)

Notable NPCs
Og Sudartvok- Hobgoblin Fighter 7
Haman Po’Sudart- Hobgoblin Cleric 5
Greepa- Goblin Rogue 5


Base Limit 1,300
Purchase Limit 7,500


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