Ferb is a small village in the Domain of Rishin. It lies on the coast across the bay from Knorst. It is considered to be a much less savory place, as Grandmother Twilight is said to operate the thieves guild both here and in Knorst.

H6. Neutral Village

Corruption -1 Crime 0 Economy -1 Law -2 Lore +2 Society -2
Qualities: Rumor-mongering Citizens, Notorious
Danger +10


Population 180 (100 Humans, 30 Half-Orcs, 15 Half-Elves, 15 Dwarves, 20 Halflings)

Notable NPCs

Mayoress Victoria Vesthall (Aristocrat 2)
Guild Head Grandmother Twilight (Rogue 5)
Local Sorcerer Peter the Northman (Human Sorcerer 4)


Buy Limit: 650
Sell Limit: 3750


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