Akon is the Major Deity of the Sun and Positive Energy.

She rarely appears physically to mortals, but when she does reveal her presence it is as a golden beam of daylight, a sunlike orb, or in a radiant version of the form of the person she wishes to talk to.


Akon is widely recognized as a healer of the living and a destroyer of undead, making It popular amongst all living creatures. It teaches that all life energy ultimately comes from the sun, and to praise and promote the shard of the sun in each creature, big or small.

Clergy and Temples

Akon’s clergy favor yellow clothing, with colored trim to imply rank. Black trim denotes a novice, while white trim marks a person of high honor within the temple. It should be noted that trim denotes general importance, not necessarily rank or ability.
Akon’s Clerics are gentle, kind souls with backbones of steel. They prefer to teach and advise, but are unafraid to smite the wicked.
Akon’s temples are tall and airy, almost always having decorative glass in the eastern wall to allow the sunrise to illuminate those within. If the temple has more than one rooms, the second is almost always a hospital.


Being a servants of a Major Diety, Akon’s clergy have access to a prestige class, The Servant of the Sun

Akon’s Favored Weapon is the light mace.

Akon’s domains (and allowed Subdomains): are Sun(Day&Light), Healing(Restoraion&Ressurection), Good(Agathion), Glory(Herosim), Protection (Purity)


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