Tag: Twin Bridges


  • Dolila Tongbreaker

    Miss Tongbreaker is an unusual sight- an unkempt, wizardly dwarf. Her study of her natural talent made her feel isolated and separated from her family in [[Byrumba]], so she emigrated to [[Twin Bridges]]. She has a predilection for Summoning spells, and …

  • Brother Homm

    Brother Homm is an older monk in the [[Temple of the Flaming Sun]], and is the assistant brewmaster. Rumor has it he has an extraordinary ability to tell when someone is lying or talking around the truth. His mere reputation terrifies new initiates.

  • Erin Wydon

    Duke Erin Wydon is new at his job- at just seventeen years old, he has been unlucky enough to be thrust into Tawn politics due to his father's untimely death at the hands of bandits. Surprisingly enough, he seems to be doing well at the job. He is not …