Tag: Skilled


  • Sage Jeremy

    Sage Jeremy is a short, balding, rather rotund and jolly fellow who lives in [[Knorst]]. He is acknowledged as one of the best sages in the wider region, and has one of its most impressive libraries. Contrary to the solitary stereotype of most men of …

  • Alexis Lamar

    Alexis is an elven sage who has lived in [[Riverdyne | Riverdyne]] for eighty years after she emigrated from [[Farsil | Farsil]]. She is knowledgeable on nearly every subject, and has the best stocked library on the continent. Her fees for research are …

  • Silam Saspidian

    Silam is a simple goatherder and animal trainer who lives on a small farm just outside [[Ickabick]]. He seems friendly and wears simple garb, made mostly from leather.

  • Funkbon Woink

    Funkbon Woink is a gnomish dockworker who lives in Overdover. He knows which faces are new and which are passing through. He keeps an eye open for whats, whens, whos, and wheres. He's usually kind of funny on the whys. He has friends up and down the …