Tag: Riverdyne


  • Alexis Lamar

    Alexis is an elven sage who has lived in [[Riverdyne | Riverdyne]] for eighty years after she emigrated from [[Farsil | Farsil]]. She is knowledgeable on nearly every subject, and has the best stocked library on the continent. Her fees for research are …

  • Ian Ironheart

    King Ironheart is the respected and feared ruler of the [[Tawn Kingdom | Tawn Kingdom]], and resides in [[Riverdyne]]. He is a sharp, administrative ruler who usually reads the supplemental notes sent from his generals, advisors, spys and negotiators. …

  • Kruka Auth

    Kruka is a paladin in service of [[:ian-ironheart | King Ironheart]]. He resides in [[Riverdyne]], and has a weakness for Prallan Chocolates.