Tag: Rickrock


  • Trixie Bridgespanner

    Trixie is widely regarded as the best herbalist in western [[Lesnon]], and the most famous gnome in [[Hasickrickrockrollingthrough]]. She is gregarious and enjoys discussing her trade- but can't seem to dumb down anything she says. She uses her fame to …

  • Zooko Tongleft

    Zooko is a master jeweller who lives in [[Rickrock]]. He is one of the most wealthy gnomes in the area, and has a reputation as a philanthropist.

  • Clemnig Treestopper

    Clemnig is a carpenter and trapsmith living in [[Rickrock]]. While his carpentry skills are average, he takes great pride in the traps he devises. His traps have a maker's mark- a stylized tree in the center of the operating panel.