Tag: Ickabick


  • Silam Saspidian

    Silam is a simple goatherder and animal trainer who lives on a small farm just outside [[Ickabick]]. He seems friendly and wears simple garb, made mostly from leather.

  • Branish Brickbottom

    Brother Branish Brickbottom recently moved in to [[Ickabick]] and is concerned for his fellow gnomes. While they generally do the right thing, the pranks and chaos of the townsfolk make it hard to tell. He recently found that these tendences were the …

  • Vexie Van Vinkervek

    Vixie is a woodworker in [[Ickabick]]. She is also something of a busybody, and enjoys getting people to do things she thinks they should do- whether it is asking out the girl they are too shy to talk to, or starting a garden. She also has been …