Tag: Farsil


  • Daenaeghymn

    Daenaeghymn is the oldest elf residing in [[Farsil]], and has survived over five hundred winters. He can remember when the [[Alyan Kingdom | Alyan Kingdom]] first united under the diplomat-king Alya the First. He served as part of an artillery unit during …

  • Orle Korro

    The best hunter in all of [[Farsil]], Orle spends entire seasons hunting for humans who are in violation of the border agreement between the [[Alyan Kingdom | Alyan Kingdom]] and [[Farsil]]. He boasts over five hundred kills of loggers and/or poachers.

  • Raelin Saequis

    Raelin is a master bowyer who resides in [[Farsil]]. His bows are legends, said to be crafted from unicorn mane and darkwood. His leathers are also demand high prices- although there is no hyperbole about its origins. His maker's mark is a stylized elven …