Tag: Dragon


  • Rishin the Bronze

    Rishin the Bronze protects a community of 'civilized' humanoids in northern [[Lesnon | Lesnon]] from the goblins, giants, and other nasties in the area. In exchange, they give him fealty and a tithing for protection. He prefers precious metal worked …

  • Sharoothil the Red

    Few know how long Sharoothil has claimed her territory, or whether she took her name from her volcanic seat of power, or if [[Mount Shar | Mount Shar]] was named after her. She is an avaricious, brilliant, and powerful red dragon who has razed the …

  • Emelth the Green

    Emelth has just recently come on the scene, even by human standards. He claims a small portion of the [[Verdant Coast]] as his own, and does his best not to antagonize the nearby [[:sharoothil-the-red | Sharoothil the Red]] or the Kingdom of [[Pralla]].