Tag: Crafter


  • Old John

    John has lived in [[Bersk]] his whole life and has become a master of making leather items. His family has become quite wealthy supplying adventurers and his gear has a special 'makers mark'- a figure eight with a vertical line, usually applied to the …

  • Zooko Tongleft

    Zooko is a master jeweller who lives in [[Rickrock]]. He is one of the most wealthy gnomes in the area, and has a reputation as a philanthropist.

  • Clemnig Treestopper

    Clemnig is a carpenter and trapsmith living in [[Rickrock]]. While his carpentry skills are average, he takes great pride in the traps he devises. His traps have a maker's mark- a stylized tree in the center of the operating panel.

  • Roxanne Proudfeet

    Roxanne Proudfeet lives in [[Underender]], a remote village in [[Hasickrickrockrollingthrough]]. She is an excellent tailor, and is rumored to never sleep. Her garments fetch high prices in [[Farsil]] and owning a Roxanne dress is a point of pride among …

  • Saxby Cray

    Saxby Cray is an unusual sight: a demihuman in a position of political clout in a human kingdom. While his father was human, his mother was elven. They loved each other- but when Saxbys father died, his mother judged him grown and left him with the …

  • ‘Bubbles’

    'Bubbles' is the name given Bicklewick Brandysniffer. He is a shopkeeper who lives in [[Underender]] and sells alchemical items. He is a bit eccentric, and explosions and giggles of glee can be heard coming from his home most nights.

  • Urist McFarn

    Urist McFarn is the master of the magma forge under Byrumba. He is married, has three children, two journeymen, and four apprentices. He is a cunning, ambitious, and wily dwarf, and spends his precious free time studying ancient tomes. He is attempting to …

  • Raelin Saequis

    Raelin is a master bowyer who resides in [[Farsil]]. His bows are legends, said to be crafted from unicorn mane and darkwood. His leathers are also demand high prices- although there is no hyperbole about its origins. His maker's mark is a stylized elven …