Tag: Citrus Point


  • Nerto Punwotter

    Nerto is a resident act at [[Julius's Orange]], the best tavern in [[Citrus Point]]. He originally hails from Ickabick in [[Hasickrickrockrollingthrough]] and is staying here, playing the fool and staving off the bleaching. He's always ready for a story.

  • Marina Hood

    An immensely likable woman, Marina grew up on the outskirts of [[Citrus Point]] and learned the ways of the druid through her mother. She is a valued and respected member of the community- she is a farmer, healer, and has an unerring ability to gauge the …

  • Rebecca Warren

    Rebecca Warren is the Duchess of the eponymous Warren Duchy. She resides in [[Citrus Point]] and is looking to be married soon. While she has a surfeit of suitors, she can't seem to find one that she is willing to settle down with. She doesn't want …