Tag: Byrumba


  • Urist McFarn

    Urist McFarn is the master of the magma forge under Byrumba. He is married, has three children, two journeymen, and four apprentices. He is a cunning, ambitious, and wily dwarf, and spends his precious free time studying ancient tomes. He is attempting to …

  • Dorik Tongbreaker

    Old Dwarven Fighter 2 / Aristocrat 4 s14->11 d 12->9 c14->13 i10->12 w14->16 ch13->13 Trait Birthmark (holy symbol of [[Derwan]]) Skills Diplomacy 6 Perception 5 Sense Motive 5 Knowledge (nob)5 Knowledge (his)6 Profession (brewer) 3 Handle …

  • Olo Moss

    Olo runs the [[Hammered Head]], a tourist bar in [[Byrumba]]. He's currently content with his life, and loves the many tales of wonder and amazement told in his tavern. He is the owner and chef. His hope is to marry off his son within the next year.