Tag: Barrick Feild


  • Theodore DuMedd

    Duke Theodore DuMedd is the eponymous Duke of the DuMedd Duchy, and lives in [[Barrick Feild]]. He has traveled to both [[Farsil]] and [[Hasickrickrockrollingthrough]] to negotiate trade deals on behalf of [[:agatha-alya | Queen Alya]]. He is a skilled …

  • Slepnier

    Slepnier is a Cavalier, and is almost blindly dedicated to advancing the prestige of Queen [[:agatha-alya | Agatha Alya]]and, by through her, the Alyan kingdom. She is unsure about the impending transfer of power to Prince [[:gilgamesh-alya | Gilgamesh]]. …

  • Joey Zinzer

    The son of a middling merchant, Joey works as a groom at the inn at [[Barrick Feild]]. He is a scant seventeen years old, and takes his job lightly. He has a sharper eye than most.