Shisno's Journal 2

Where to begin? The recent days have been chaotic to say the least.

I left off with our journey to the caves that the treasure map had indicated. We had arrived and delved into the caves. We had a few encounters with some goblins and hobgoblins. They were easily enough dispatched.

After a short time in the caves Mademoiselle stated that she needed some air and wanted to step back out of the caves. Xavier went with her. We decided to press on ahead. There were more hobgoblins and goblins. Eventually we came upon some of the vile creatures and some human captives. While we were dealing with the hobgoblins the captives managed to free themselves. The larger of the men picked up a weapon and came to the fight. He is apparently a magus. One who is as adept with magic as they are the sword.

This man is of an age with Tristram. However he is much more physically imposing. He is also much more intelligent than his appearance would suggest. His name is Alcien, and he is trying to gain experience and power to look for and reclaim his family that was taken from him.

We finally dispatched the last of the goblinoids, including their leader, a rather large and particularly ugly bugbear. We found some useful items with this group, including a pretty nice pair of boots.

Moving further into the cave system we find a strange plant that seems to have made zombies of some hobgoblins. When trying to fight with these creatures I discovered that I need some new weapons so I can deal with various situations that a fist alone cannot solve.

After finding nothing else of value in the caves we head back to camp. When we get there we find Xavier unconscious and Mademoiselle missing. At first expecting foul play, we looked for her for a bit until we noticed that all of her gear was gone as well. I suspect that she did not want to be tied down with a group. However she should have had the grace to let us know she was leaving. It appears that she used her charms on Xavier and tricked him into drinking something that she had drugged.

As much as I miss my friend, I wish her the best. I hope that she finds the peace and balance that her life desperately needs and that she is so intensely looking for. I hope she is safe and want her to know she is in my thoughts. If she ever needs my help all she has to do is send word.

We returned to the town of Knorst where I used some of the money that we acquired and purchased some new weapons. Unfortunately the weapon smiths here do not know how to make the weapons of my homeland. It took four days and three smiths to make the weapons as I had to instruct them. I picked up a crossbow, for long distance. For other scenarios I picked up a shéng biāo (rope dart), a Jiujiebian (nine-section whip),
a Sansetsukon (three-section staff), and a Nine-ring Dao (nine ring broadsword). I did draw some strange looks from the rest of the group when I met them on the ship that had hired us for protection.

We set sail for the kingdom of Alya. The captain wanted us to be on the lookout for the pirates that have been harassing the ships lately. As she predicted we were soon set upon by said pirates. Try as they might we managed to defeat them. We also captured their ship.

We freed the slaves that were rowing the boat. They still had to row to shore. We considered keeping the ship but I would rather have sold it as I did not wish to own a ship that was used for slavery and piracy. The captain of the ship that hired us decided that they would take the ship and paid us for half of the ship.

When we arrived in Alya, we were notified that Brother Oliver had a note from Rishin to give to the Queen. We were granted an audience, after getting some new clothes and leaving our weapons behind.

Only Brother Oliver and I attended the meeting. Queen Agatha Alya is a gracious host. She is quite pretty and she has an aura about her that commands attention. Although I think that this has something to do with her station as Queen than with her alone.

After delivering the message we were left to our own devices. I am not sure what we are doing now. I feel lost on my own so I will travel with this group for a while. However it seems like we do not have a direction and with out one we will fall apart. If I cannot find a direction with this group soon I might try to find Mademoiselle and see if we can find warmer climates.

Shisno's Journal

Why did we come to this town? There is not much here in Knorst, and I think that we were lied to about how bustling this city would be. It rains pretty often and is generally cold. A few days ago I was working for The Grinning Troll cleaning the stable when for my room when Mademoiselle came to get me for some work that she had lined up. As she has a habit of getting herself in trouble I needed to accompany her. I also needed to meet the company she was going to be working with to see if they were trustworthy. I think that she needs to surround herself with more nice and good people. It would probably help her find some balance and true direction in her life as well as let her be honest with who she is.

We met with the rest of the group at the home of the Sage Jeremy. This man may be very intelligent however he appears to be quite lazy and should try to get some exercise. He wished for us to retrieve a ring from someone that he referred to as his friend. If he was his friend he would not need to send this group to him to get a simple ring if it belongs to him anyway.

This man that we were going to get the ring from was named Peter the Northman. Apparently he and Jeremy have been competing for the same woman for years and Jeremy has the advantage.

We needed to take a small boat across the bay into Ferb, and then head out to the house. On the way across the bay we got to know the rest of our little band. There was the brutish half-orc named Ish. The cleric of Akon, Brother Oliver, and a elf named Xavier that would not explain what he does with his obvious rogueish tendencies. We also managed to pick up a druid named Tristram.

Along the way to the house in the woods I spotted some goblins hiding in the brush. We dealt with that small matter, and we managed to take one hostage and interrogate him. He let us know about the other patrols and his boss up at the house.

We tried to sneak up to he house but one of the goblin’s dogs started making a racket and we then had another fight on our hands. The hobgoblin that was in charge made a foolish tactical error and opened the door right in front of Ish. I did not see this and have only heard about it as I was on the roof dealing with an archer. However I paid for my arrogance as jumping off of the roof rolled my ankle.

Once inside with all of the goblins put down, including the one that we had taken hostage, as he had turned on us. We set about the business of getting the ring from Peter the Northman.

Peter is an older looking man but still looks to be full of life for a sorcerer. However he is also unwilling to give up the ring. He informs us that the ring helps to keep your manhood strong. Unfortunately, Mademoiselle asks him to prove it. (Why would someone make this ring when you should accept that your time has ended for your carnal adventures, be it by choice of life actions or by age). I do not know why she submits herself to this as it will most likely make her seem as less a person to others. Just as it would for anyone to behave in such a manner. While they were off bandaging wounds of the soul, we searched the house as Peter had said we can take anything we want seeing that he was running away.

Awhile later (apparently the ring works) they return to the main room of the house, only Mademoiselle has the ring. She has her charms.

Peter informs us that the hobgoblin was there to try to make him spy on the dragon Rishin the Bronze. He does not want to get caught in the middle of it and has decided to just leave. I was thinking that there is more to this, and it turns out there was.

He has been spying for a little while and was about to be caught for it, we now have been asked to bring him in, dead or alive.

We return to Knorst and sell the items and goods that we have collected and wished to sell. I went back to The Grinning Troll to finish my work at the stable and then get my room. Mademoiselle played some music and performed for the crowd. I did not catch most of the show.

The next morning she comes to me and interrupts my morning meditations to tell me that we need to leave as there is a dragon that is going to come to the inn looking for us.

I was curious to see what the dragon would want, however she has a thing about dragons. I do not know where she got this idea that all dragons are bad and not to be trusted. We grabbed our horses and left the town of Knorst. At first we did not know where we were going to go. We eventually decided to head to the only secure shelter that we knew of in the area, Peter’s former house.

When we arrived at the house and I set about making dinner and fixing the damaged door. While I was working she played some music and sang some wonderful songs. It is very nice to work to music.

The rest of the group showed up some time later and they told us of the meeting with Rishin. We also got a treasure map and decided to go to examine some caves that are about tree days out. I do not think that Mademoiselle will enjoy herself. I hope we do not run into the manticore that lives in the area.

The Rambling Minstrel

Day 1

I’m itching to get out of this town. We’ve been here almost a week. Haven’t run into the dragon yet, but I’m definitely not anxious to. Damn beasts. They always see right through a person.

I was performing in the market this morning, (the women and children here LOVE Maisie. I’ll have to keep her as my family friendly act.) Long story short, I have found a way out of here!
The Orc got a job and it sounds like they will need extra. Freedom! Hopefully this job will pay me enough to get me that hat. I’ve been so tired…

Day 2
Goblins. About as useful as mosquitoes. I miss Dubby – the world’s only useful Goblin. When you are invisible to society, no one watches what they say around you. A perfect friend. An even more perfect fall guy, may he rest in peace.

Day 3
I really should have swapped out that damned ring. Bolthar the Unyielding would have given me much more than 400gp, and I wouldn’t have had to share it.

Day 4
I stayed late in my room and noticed the cleric outside. I just don’t trust that guy. He obviously doesn’t trust me either, but that is beside the point. Oh well, time to pack up and leave this pond town.
Followed the cleric and heard him talking to that damn dragon. Sell out. Goody two shoes went straight to the local authorities and gave away our information. FOR FREE! Ugh. This is why I don’t work with others.
Not to mention, I must do everything I can to stay away from that dragon.

Decided to stay at “the house”. A sight better than the inn, but I really miss Terre D’Ange_.
Looks like we just missed the dragon, heard him beat off (_hehehe
) as we approached the road to the house. I hope he doesn’t come back. I need time to rest and change my hair. I’m getting tired of blue.
Shisno, doesn’t understand our need to run. Or, mine anyway. He is done running, but sticks around anyway. I’m glad of it. I’d get bored otherwise.

Day 5
Speaking of bored, the Elf, the Orc and the Cleric came back. OH yeah and the druid. He seems like he’s on a quest. I like quests. Shisno is just the guy he’s looking for, I’m sure of it. And he wouldn’t take a job without me, and besides, I have a feeling a mystery like his would be a great change of pace.
He’s a little weird, (hasn’t hit on me ONCE! Neither has the Elf! I’m sure the Orc prefers women with hooves, boils and braided ear hair, so there is no offense there… but the others? Oh gods! These small towns MUST be leeching away at me. Once we get back to civilization, I’m getting a full treatment.) Anyway, the druid doesn’t seem to be the kind to get in my way. And that is what is more important.

Day ?
I’ve been traveling with these guys for about 2 weeks. No inns or anything, which I don’t mind, but it has been quite a while since I’ve been in a group like this. I hate it. I have my tent, but I still worry. Soon they will expect me to keep watch. At least I won’t run into anyone important in these woods. And getting involved in dragon politics? I feel sick and scared and I have to get out of here as soon as I can. Maybe Shisno will just come. I can’t leave without him though, I know that.

I hate tents. Mine is cute and effective, and I do love being on the move, but it’s nothing like a soft bed, my choice of wine, and a lock on my door. I have to be so careful…

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