Flying Keelboat


Aura Strong Universal, Transmutation CL 20

Slot N/A Cost 150,000 Weight N/A


A Flying Keelboat is the height of magical conveyance. It requires a crew of nine, plus an arcane spell caster in order to function. The caster must expend spells levels or slots into an arcane engine in order for the craft to move. Putting a spell into the engine requires a DC 15 Spellcraft check. Failure means the spell is wasted; one successful spell level expended is enough for the craft to move for one hour, while each 0th level spell allows it to float in place or have a controlled descent for ten minutes. The engine cannot contain more than 240 hours of flight time. Because the keelboat is a flat-bottomed boat as well as an airship, it can safely be landed in water or on land in case of emergencies.

Flying Keelboats are typically fifteen feet wide and fifty feet long. They can hold up to twenty tons of cargo or 50 medium-sized passengers. They have an overland movement speed of 2 miles per hour, or 48 miles per day. A DC 25 spellcraft check can expend an extra hour of flight time per hour in order to increase the speed to 3 MPH or 72 MPD. Piloting a Flying Keelboat is a separate job from fueling it, and requires a fly or profession(pilot) check, DC 15. Failure by less than five means no movement. Failure by more than 5 means random movement.

Construction Requirements

Craft Wondrous Item, Overland Flight, Limited Wish, Cost 75,000gp


Flying Keelboat

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