Urist McFarn

Master Smith


Dwarven Expert 9 (Middle Aged)
S10→9 d9→8 c10→11 I13→14 w10→13 ch11→10
Alt. Racial Trait-Craftsman


Craft(Weapon} 9+3+2+3+2+2=21
Craft(Armor) 9+3+2+2+2=18
Appraise 9
Linguistics 9
Knowledge(Nobility) 3
Knowledge(History) 9
Knowledge(Geo) 5
Diplomacy 5
Sense Motive 9
Gather Information 5

1 Skill Focus(Craft(Weapon))
3 Breadth of Experience
5 Master Craftsman(Weapons)
7 Master Craftsman(Armor)
9 Craft Magic Arms and Armor


Urist McFarn is the master of the magma forge under Byrumba. He is married, has three children, two journeymen, and four apprentices. He is a cunning, ambitious, and wily dwarf, and spends his precious free time studying ancient tomes. He is attempting to break into the noble caste, but is so far not quite there.

Urist McFarn

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