Theodore DuMedd


Human Aristocrat 4

Diplomacy centered, Knowledge skills at +5 modifier, has heirloom magic headband.


Duke Theodore DuMedd is the eponymous Duke of the DuMedd Duchy, and lives in Barrick Feild. He has traveled to both Farsil and Hasickrickrockrollingthrough to negotiate trade deals on behalf of Queen Alya. He is a skilled diplomat and wishes to protect the frontier between the Alyan Kingdom and the Norwest Forest.
He has learned the hard way that any ‘further’ expansion by humans into the forest will be seen as a hostile action, even though the last acre of wild wood harvested was thirty years ago. Both border forts and guard stations along the Hasick River are disallowed by the current treaty, and the renegotiation period doesn’t come up for another twenty years.
It is his hope that his son will find a solution that doesn’t involve armed conflict.

Theodore DuMedd

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