Sheriff Cann


Half-Elven Ranger 2
S13 D 14→16 c14 I12 W14 Ch10

Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot
Racial: Skill Focus (survival)
2 Survival
1 Knowledge (Nat, Geo)
2 Ride
2 Perception
2 Stealth
2 Handle Animal
1 Heal
1 Profession: Herder


Sheriff Cann was born in Farsil and moved to Bersk roughly twenty years ago. He enjoys the rustic atmosphere and is able to put his stealth to use hunting the predators that might harm his community or its livestock.
Cann is content to live in the moment for now, and is old enough to know everyone in this sleepy village’s habits. Newcomers, however, he doesn’t like.

Sheriff Cann

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