Shamil Odelitonia


Middle-aged Gnome Druid 6
s11→8 d11→10 c13→14 I11→12 W17→19 ch9→12

First Memories

6 Survival
6 Kn(Nat)
4 Handle Animal
1 Ride
1 Kn(Geo)
6 Perception
3 Profession(Herbalist)
3 Fly

Natural Spell
Craft Potion
Extend Spell


Shamil is a bleachling gnome who lives outside Overdover.

Shamil was always a little sedate for a gnome. He rarely made anything that went boom, and had no extraordinary passion for life. So, it was no surprise that he succumbed to the bleaching at barely his elevnety-third birthday. He seems happy enough now, chatting with the animals in the forest. But still, he just doesn’t fit in with most of the gnomes in Hasickrickrockrollingthrough. He trades in Overdover and resides near there, but he feels more accepted in his wolf companion’s den than in towm.

Shamil Odelitonia

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