Samuel Farsh

King of Almit


Half-Elven Paladin 15
s14→11 d12→9 c12→9 i11→14 w14→16 ch14→20

Rich Parents

15 Diplomacy
3 Kn(his)
3 Kn(rel)
3 Kn(nob)
6 Ride
10 Sense Motive
2 Linguistics
3 Handle Animal
15 Pr(Administrator)

1)Weapon Focus(Spear)
3)Healing Word
5)Greater Mercy
9)Improved Critical(Spear)
11)Unsanctioned Knowledge
13)Unsanctioned Detection
15)Ultimate Mercy


King Samuel Farsh is a half-elf nearly one hundred years old. His father was the human sorcerer-king Farsh of Tak, while his mother was an elf from Pralla. His parents raised him together until his father died seventy years ago. His mother returned to Pralla, giving her son the reigns to the kingdom.

Farsh has done well as a ruler, expanding his little kingdom to include the newly-founded town of Barkah- located upon the ruins of a once infamous pirate stronghold. His expansion of law has met with great success in Tak proper, but little outside of it. His other great hope was the restoration of the Dashte Desert, but his hopes have not borne fruit.

He cares deeply about his people, and sees himself as the most direct link between Ilka Tak and them. He is worried about what his grandson will do when he gains power, and is holding on to the throne because of it.

Samuel Farsh

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