Sage Jeremy

A knowledgable sage in Knorst


3rd level human expert
Kn(arc,rel,geo,his,nob), prof(scribe), linguistics*, Craft(bookmaker)
(1rankin) diplomacy, bluff
(1rank cc) perform(dance)

  • languages known
    Common, elven, draconic
    Dwarven, gnome, goblin (linguistics)

Library Functions as MW skill bonus books:
+2 Arcana, Nobility, Geography, History
+4 Dragons(specifically), Religion


Sage Jeremy is a short, balding, rather rotund and jolly fellow who lives in Knorst. He is acknowledged as one of the best sages in the wider region, and has one of its most impressive libraries. Contrary to the solitary stereotype of most men of learning, Ronald can be found in the tavern on most nights, indulging in wine, women and song.

Sage Jeremy

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