Roxanne Proudfeet


Halfling Dreamspun Sorcerer 8 (Visionary ACF)
s12→10 D112→14 C12 I12 W12 Ch16→18→20
Alternative Racial Trait
Practicality: halflings are grounded in hard work and common sense. Halflings with this racial trait gain a 2 bonus on any one Craft or Profession skill, as well as on Sense Motive checks and saves against illusions. This racial trait replaces the fearless and sure-footed racial Traits.
(Diplomacy as a Class Skill, 1 to Dip)
12 Spellcraft 8
9 Sense Motive 2+3+1+2
11 Intimidate 2+3+4+2
12 Diplomacy 2+3+4+1+2
9 Bluff 2+3+4
14 Craft(Tailor)8+3+1+2

B)Eschew Materials
1)Improved Initiative
3)Craft Wondrous Item
5)Extend Spell
7)Iron Will

1st Sleep, Vanish, Magic Missile, Enlarge, Floating Disk, Crafter’s Fortune
2nd Augury, Glitterdust, Summon Monster 2, Minor Image
3rd Deep Slumber, Haste, Fireball
4th Dimension Door


Roxanne Proudfeet lives in Underender, a remote village in Hasickrickrockrollingthrough. She is an excellent tailor, and is rumored to never sleep. Her garments fetch high prices in Farsil and owning a Roxanne dress is a point of pride among any noble within the Alyan Kingdom. Roxanne is married to Mingo Proudfeet and they have two daughters.

Roxanne Proudfeet

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