Rishin the Bronze

Bronze Dragon


Crunch to be Hidden from players.

Hidden, I say!


Rishin the Bronze protects a community of ‘civilized’ humanoids in northern Lesnon from the goblins, giants, and other nasties in the area. In exchange, they give him fealty and a tithing for protection. He prefers precious metal worked into useful and beautiful objects for his hoard.
Rishin sees his dominion one of dual function. He gains both the spoils from those who would attack his wards, and the tribute from those same wards. Win for him. Win for his wards. Lose for his enemies.
He has been amassing his hoard at a surprisingly quick pace, and is attempting to make some of his wards protectors in their own right, which will someday allow him to expand his influence without worrying about matters back home.
He is also on the lookout for potential mates. (could explain the rampant hoard building)

Rishin the Bronze

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