Rayst Meria


Old Elven Wizard (Evoker) 11 (Restrict Enchantment)
s10→8 d10 c12→8 I18→24 w11→13 ch12→14

Focused Mind

11 Spellcraft
11 Kn(Arc, Dun, Loc)
5 Kn(Eng, Pla, Nob)
11 Linguistics
11 Appraise
11 Pro(Accountant)
7 Per(Oratory)

c)Scribe Scroll
1)School Focus: Evocation
3)Spell Penetration
c)Craft Magical Arms&Armor
5)Greater School Focus: Evocation
7)Greater Spell Penetration
9)Opposition Research(Illusion)
c)Quicken Spell
11)Master of the Ledger


Rayst Meria is a retired adventuring wizard who lives in Leywininon. He lives comfortably off of investments made with the spoils he gathered two hundred years ago, and still gets his drinks paid for by telling stories of glories past.

He is one of the most famous and open-minded elves in all of Pralla, and frequently underlines that he was the only elf in his adventuring party.

“Some say that Ellonti are short sighted and die before really living, but that is just ignorance talking. A typical human dies before sixty, but will often accomplish the same goals as elves who reach five hundred do.”

Rayst Meria

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