Raelin Saequis


Elven Expert 10
s10 d9→11 c12→10 I14→16→18 w12 ch12


1) Skill Focus: Bows/Arrows
3) Prodigy: Bows/Arrows & Leatherworking
5) Master Craftsman
7) Craft Magic Arms&Armor
9) Craft Wondrous Items

10 Craft Bows/Arrows
10 Craft Leatherworking
10 Appraise
10 Disable Device
10 Stealth
10 Perception
5 Bluff
10 Survival
5 Climb


Raelin is a master bowyer who resides in Farsil. His bows are legends, said to be crafted from unicorn mane and darkwood. His leathers are also demand high prices- although there is no hyperbole about its origins. His maker’s mark is a stylized elven eye, always found on just above the grip of his bows and over the left breast of his armors.

Raelin Saequis

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