Orle Korro


Elven Ranger 7
s14 d14→17 c14→12 i8→10 w14 c12

Warrior of Old

1) Point Blank Shot
1B Track
2B Precise Shot
3) Deadly Aim
3B Endurance
5) Greater Wild Empathy (Plants)
6B Rapid Shot
7) Weapon Focus (Composite Longbow)

7 Handle Animal
7 Perception
7 Stealth
7 Survival
5 Kn(Nat)
1 Kn(Dun)
1 Kn(Geo)
1 Climb
1 Swim
1 Intimidate
1 Heal
1 Spellcraft
2 Ride

1- Entangle, Longstrider
2- Wilderness Soldiers


The best hunter in all of Farsil, Orle spends entire seasons hunting for humans who are in violation of the border agreement between the Alyan Kingdom and Farsil. He boasts over five hundred kills of loggers and/or poachers.

Orle Korro

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