Nerto Punwotter


Gnomish CG Bard 2
s12→10 d14 c10→12 i12 w11 ch16→18

Naturally Gifted

2 Perform (Comedy)
2 Linguistics
2 Perform (Oratory) also used for Diplomacy and Sense Motive
2 Use Magic Device
2 Acrobatics
1 Kn(Loc, His, Nob, Geo)

Lingering Song

Spells Known
0 Dancing Lights, Ghost Sound, Prestidigitation, Speak With Animals- 1/day +1, Racial
0 Light, Detect Magic, Mending, Message, Mage Hand
1 Charm Person, Silent Image


Nerto is a resident act at Julius’s Orange, the best tavern in Citrus Point. He originally hails from Ickabick in Hasickrickrockrollingthrough and is staying here, playing the fool and staving off the bleaching. He’s always ready for a story.

Nerto Punwotter

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