Naesai Tasartir

Consul of Pralla


NG Elven Aristocrat 5/Bard 10
s10 d13→16 c12→10 I14→16 w14 ch14→16

Natural-Born Leader

Skills (By Class)
5 Perform(Oratory)
5 Perform(Comedy)
5 Perform(Dance)
5 Linguistics
10 Perform(Oratory)-also acts as Diplomacy, Sense Motive
10 Perform(Comedy)-also acts as Bluff, Intimidate
10 Perfrom(Dance)-also acts as Acrobatics, Fly
8 kn(Loc, Geo, His, Nob)
2 Kn(Arc, Rel, Dun, Nat)
10 Perception
5 Appraise
5 Linguistics

1)Extra Performance
3)Lingering Performance
5)Harmonic Spell
9)Leaf Singer
11)Weapon Focus(Longbow)
13)Breadth of Experience
15)Prodigy(Perform(Oratory, Comedy))


Naesai is the Consul of the Republic of Pralla and resides at the Ancient Hearth in Pralla. He is married, but without children.

Naesai started his career as a bard under the Prallan Military, and did well by it. He eventually tired of the constant danger and received an honorable discharge at the conclusion of his twenty-year tour of duty. He then decided to go into politics.

His charisma, talent, and ability have allowed him to rise to be the youngest Consul in a millennia. He is in the middle of his first of two possible terms, and has no idea what he will do should his reelection campaign fail in ten years time.

Naesai is smart, a long-term planner, and charismatic. He is a good elf at heart, but has come to believe in the necessity of Law, meaning that he often rubs his chaotic constituents the wrong way.

Naesai Tasartir

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