Mingo Moss


Halfling Sorcerer 11 (Fire)
s9→7 c12 d10→12 i12 w10 ch18→22

Focused Mind
Well Informed

11 Diplomacy
1 Kn(arc)
4 Appraise
5 Intimidate
1 Kn(pla)
11 Spellcraft

1)School Focus(Evoc)
3)Elemental Focus(Fire)
5)Greater Elemental Focus (Fire)
7)Greater School Focus(Evoc)
c)Empower Spell
9)Quicken Spell
11)Spell Penetration


Mingo is an exceptional sorcerer who specializes in burning things. He left home in Byrumba ten years back and has had a long string of adventures. He currently lives in Gikoving in the lap of luxury, occasionally working as a sellspell to keep his lifestyle up. His services aren’t cheap, but when you need a smoking crater, he’s your halfling.

Mingo Moss

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