Mialee Erenae


Elven Expert 6
s10 d10→12 c12→10 i13→16 w13 ch12

Rich Parents

6 Diplomacy
5 Kn(loc, Nob)
6 Intimidate
6 Appraise
6 Pr(Administrator)
2 Cr(Woodworking)
6 Linguistics
6 Perception
6 Sense Motive

1)Iron will
3)Greater Iron Will


Mialee Erenae was born into a family of career politicians. She liked the lifestyle and power, but hated the… ceremony of it all. She is currently the assistant to the head of the longshorelf’s guild. She still has power, but less ceremony or accountability. And when the chief steps down, she is hoping to take his place. She is just biding her time, trying to make a good impression on the rank-and-file, and making sure she is the best possible candidate.

Mialee Erenae

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