Half-Elven Rogue 18
s10 d14 c14 i14→16 w10 ch14→16

Augmented Disguise

18 Diplomacy
18 Bluff
10 Sense Motive
8 Climb
18 Disguise
18 Stealth
18 Perception
18 Disable Device
18 Use Magic Device
16 Acrobatics
10 Profession(Courtier)
10 Kn(Loc)
18 Linguistics

r)Skill Focus:Use Magic Device
1)Combat Expertise
5)Improved Fient
7)Improved Dirty Trick
9)Greater Dirty Trick
11)Defensive Combat Training
13)Weapon Focus(Rapier)
15)Greater Feint
17)Experienced Vagabond

Rogue Talents
4)Coax Information
6)Fast Stealth
8)Ledge Walker
10)Master of Disguise
12)Slippery Mind
14)Skill Mastery(Diplomacy, Disguise, Perception, Disable Device, UMD, Stealth)
16)Fast Tumble
18)Knock-out Blow


Melanie is the child of a prallan diplomat and a human noble, and that is all her mother will tell her. She works as a diplomatic escort in the elven capitol of Pralla, assisting guests and emissaries from other governments in finding accommodations, meetings and entertainment. She is curious about her heritage, but understands that her father is likely long dead. Still, she pokes around and hopes to uncover any clues she can. She has been ‘poking around’ for roughly twenty years, and has become a master at it.


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