Mayor Hargrave


Aristocrat 2 / Expert 1


Mayor Hargrave is the Mayor of Leverton and father of Layla Hargrave. His wife passed fifteen years ago from a fall into the sea. While saddened, he buried her and moved on with rearing his young daughter.
When the young half-orc Elric came to town, Mayor Hargrave took his measure immediately- and found a useful tool, who could easily keep his town in line and smoothly deal with any attackers. He worked hard to see Elric get the sheriff’s seat, and it has since paid off. Elric is the epitome of law, order, and justice in Leverton. Hargraves’ approval has skyrocketed due to Elrics performance, as most of the town has warmed to him.
However, Elric’s recent affections towards Layla is very disagreeable towards the elder mayor. Hargrave sees Elric as a tool- something to be used. The idea of his only daughter marrying the half-orc offends his senses. Worse yet, the mayor can’t reprimand him; he’s done nothing wrong in the official sense, nor can he unofficially snub one of the most respected people in his community.
Luckily for Hargrave, his daughter has so far obeyed his requests to keep Elric at an arm’s distance. The problem is, she keeps everyone at a distance- even her human suitors.

Mayor Hargrave

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