Mayor Crove

Mayor of Knorst


Half-Elven Aristocrat 3


Tall, blonde, and charismatic, Mayor Crove parrots what his people say to Rishin, and parrots what Rishin the Bronze says to his people, smoothing over words like extortion, taxes, representation, and tyranny.

He has lived in Knorst his whole life and remembers how bad things were before Rishin arrived on the scene. Brutal bandits, more brutal hobgoblins, and terrifying giants extracted blood in addition to money, and offered no protection from each other.

While the day-to-day operations of his town maintains itself, Crove has started noticing a disturbing shift in the tenor of his town. People once grateful for protection now begrudge their ‘protector’ and his taxes. His attempts to sway discussion at the inn are finding less nods and more catcalls. He is worried.

Mayor Crove

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